Handmade felted wool flower brooch-pins made to order, and of course, whatever is in my current “Huckleberry Garden!” Circumference is 2 1/2″ to 5″. Each flower brooch-pin is one of a kind and embellished in a very artistically creative manner. Some with vintage findings, Swarovski crystals, unusual beadwork, and local spun wool yarns from Montana, USA. One never knows what may turn up on a Huckleberry Flower!

Designed for wear on coats, jackets, vests, blouses, sweaters, dresses, scarves, hats, and purses…my flowers will pull it all together! Whether casual, dressy, or office wear, these brooch-pins make a world of difference in your personal attire statement! It’s a polished WOW impact!

Areas of my flower brooch-pin classification and fabrication include: “Companions” – these Huckleberry flowers work especially well with scarves and hats, including other accessories or jewelry. This is a very personal well thought out look with the end result being exceptionally well put together!! “Abroachables” – a special Huckleberry flower to which you can pin an attractive piece of jewelry and/or family heirloom to.

My Huckleberry handmade wool flowers make wonderful gifts for ladies of all ages; even little girls, in the category – “From the Little Garden.”

Are you looking for specific colors or a special design? My made to order flowers will suit your every need. Email me at huckleberrybowtique@gmail.com

Scroll down to see the link to my handmade wool flower garden, refreshed weekly with new arrivals just for the picking!

Your Huckleberry Friend,

P.S. They only look expensive! Average cost ranges from $12 to $45.